Here’s What’s Up With "Smart Guns" — And Why You Can’t Buy One In The US

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BuzzFeed—An Armatix employee holds a smart gun by the company at the Armatix headquarters in Munich. The gun is implanted with an electronic chip that allows it to be fired only if the shooter is wearing a watch that communicates with it through a radio signal. Michael Dalder / Reuters After every mass shooting in recent history, including the Parkland, Florida high school shooting on Feb. 14 that left 17 dead, people start talking about “smart” guns, and whether these high-tech firearms could be...

Smith & Wesson Wary on ‘Smart Guns’. Smith & Wesson’s parent company said it was wary of adding “smart-gun” technology to its weapons, as investors push the industry to address safety issues in the wake of recent mass shootings.