How to Stop Terrorism, From a Jihadi Who 'Likes the US'

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NBC4 Washington—Clean-cut Albert Berisha doesn't look like a man who moved to Syria to fight alongside ISIS, whose militants he calls murderous psychopaths, NBC News reported. But the "jihadi who likes the United States," as he says, embodies a crucial question facing security officials in the West: Can a jihadi who fought in Iraq or Syria be peacefully reintegrated into society? 23 Dead as 'Serious' Wildfires Tear Through Wine Country Berisha said he only ended up in an ISIS unit by accident, spending only...

Jihadi Who 'Likes the U.S.' Says He Knows How to Stop Terrorism. Can a jihadi who went to fight in Syria be peacefully reintegrated into society? How can governments be sure he won't carry out attacks once he's back at home?