James Van Der Beek shares his own sexual harassment story

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The A.V. Club—It’s been a rough week, we know, but if there’s a silver lining to the now daily disclosures from Harvey Weinstein’s victims, it’s that the flood gates really seem to be open now. What was dismissed as innuendo, overlooked because it didn’t “cross the rape line”—though, as is now being reported, it did—or horribly reframed as some kind of quid pro quo is now being called what it actually is: sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Weinstein saga leads James Van Der Beek to share personal story of sexual harassment. The revelations of dozens of women who were allegedly sexually harassed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have also pushed male celebrities to come forward.  SEE ALSO: Terry Crews had a very personal response to Harvey Weinstein's victims After actor Terry Crews shared his personal story about being groped by a powerful studio executive, James Van Der Beek, a.k.a. Dawson in Dawson's Creek, tweeted about his experience of being a victim of sexual harassment and applauded everybody who has...