BoJack Horseman has a pretty amazing collection of real-world art (and real-world art jokes)

The A.V. Club -

The A.V. Club—Fans of BoJack Horseman already know that the series frequently reaches early-Simpsons levels of saturation and quality with its background gags, whether they come in the form of business signs, news chyrons, or an ever-reliable banner gag. But—befitting the rich tastes of many of the Hollywoo elite the show focuses on—BoJack’s background jokes can also get surprisingly highbrow, as revealed in this remarkably thorough cataloging of all the fine-art references in the show’s first four seasons.

How Charles I lost his head over his lust for the world's greatest art collection. Great leaders like to demonstrate their power. These days, it tends to be shows of military might and grand parades of state of the art weaponry. But Renaissance monarchs and nobles amassed huge collections of art – the better to show off their cultural sophistication.