French woman accused of recruiting for Isis 'captured by Kurdish forces'

the Guardian -

the Guardian—Emilie König, who appeared on UN and US blacklists, has been interrogated and tortured, according to her mother Emilie König, a Frenchwoman suspected of recruiting fighters for Islamic State who appeared on US and UN blacklists, has been arrested by Kurdish forces in Syria, her mother said on Tuesday. The 33-year-old daughter of a gendarme is “being held in a Kurdish camp and has been interrogated and tortured,” her mother told Ouest-France newspaper. Continue reading...

Woman accused of killing Air Force veteran husband, fleeing to Brazil now in Ohio jail. WARREN, Ohio — The family of a local military hero, who was murdered 10 years ago, may be getting closer to having the suspect face trial. Claudia Hoerig has been brought back to the United States and is now in the Trumbull County jail. Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins who worked on this case for 10 years said Claudia Hoerig will be in court Friday in Trumbull County for the murder of her husband, Karl Hoerig. Karl Hoerig was killed […]