US Home Prices Rise At Fastest Pace In Over 3 Years

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@zerohedge—US national home prices are up 6.07% YoY in August - the fastest rate since June 2014. Seattle (up 13.2 percent), Las Vegas (up 8.6 percent), and San Diego (up 7.8 percent) were the top three cities in terms of year-over-year price appreciation; all cities showed gains of at least 3 percent. After seasonal adjustment, San Diego had the biggest month-over-month increase at 1 percent, while Atlanta was the only city to show a decline, at 0.2 percent. Pushing home prices to a new record...

US home construction reaches strongest pace in a year. Construction of new homes climbed 13.7 percent in October, the biggest jump in a year as builders broke ground on more apartments and single-family houses.