CNN Host Rips Trump's 'Absurd' Stance Against Gun Control: 'The President Is Sticking to the Tired NRA Talking Point'

Washington Free Beacon -

Washington Free Beacon—CNN host Alisyn Camerota ripped President Donald Trump's response to a question about gun control measures Tuesday, calling it "absurd" and a recycling of "the tired NRA talking point" on good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns.

CNN's Camerota: 'Absurd' for Trump to Repeat 'Tired NRA Talking Point'. On Tuesday -- one day after nearly begging Senator Jeff Flake on New Day for Congress to pass more gun laws -- CNN's Alisyn Camerota continued pushing for more gun control as she complained that President Donald Trump has been repeating "the same old NRA talking point" and "the tired NRA talking point," calling it "absurd," during a discussion of the President's reactions to the Texas mass shooting.