Arms control experts are raising concerns about a possible loophole in the Trump administration’s new arms export policy, arguing that it gives the administration further cover to sell weapons to some of the world’s worst human rights violators.

The Intercept -

The Intercept—The change could benefit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — top U.S. weapons clients that are engaged in a destructive bombing campaign in Yemen.

Experts fear US arms sales to human rights abusers will become easier thanks to a 'loophole' in Trump's new policy. The Trump administration's new Conventional Arms Transfer policy will make it easier for US companies to sell weapons to countries that commit human rights abuses, The Intercept reported. A one-word change in the policy, prohibiting weapons sales to governments that "intentionally" kill civilians, could create what The Intercept called a "loophole." "Depending on how this policy is implemented, this focus could make it harder for those in the U.S. government [with] legitimate human rights...