Trump hits Russia probe, but can't recall meetings under scrutiny


MSNBC—Although President Trump has issued several opinions on Twitter about Bob Mueller's investigation, the President cannot recall meeting with a former advisor who pleaded guilty to the special counsel. Fmr. federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade discusses.

Republicans on House’s Trump-Russia Probe Not That Interested in Trump or Russia. Daily BeastRepublicans on House's Trump-Russia Probe Not That Interested in Trump or RussiaDaily BeastBut inside the Secure Compartmented Information Facility while members of the intel committee grill Obama administration alums and Trump allies, things can get even messier. Rep. Devin Nunes, who has ostensibly stepped back from the probe, still ...The infamous Trump/Russia dossier was funded in part by Hillary Clinton's campaign lawyerVoxLaunch probes! Congressional GOPers try desperately to...