Despite admitted trouble with advertisers, 21st Century Fox co-chairman Lachlan Murdoch tells shareholders he's "proud" of Fox News

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Media Matters for America—LACHLAN MURDOCH: And just two years later, we launched Fox News, creating a ratings juggernaut with millions of households trusting us to deliver the most valuable and most-watched journalism on television. Fox News offers the best news and the clearest opinion, a legacy we are proud of. Previously: On eve of midterms, Fox and Trump are one Sean Hannity and the end of the Fox News standards charade Fox News' ad chief admits that advertisers are leaving. Here's what's going on. Tucker Carlson's...

Fox News’s Sean Hannity: Proud to be a Trump operative. The longtime Fox News host just couldn't resist the temptation to appear at the podium to call the media 'fake news.'