Where Is Kevin Spacey? What Is Kevin Spacey Doing Now?

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Earn The Necklace—Once a celebrated actor, Kevin Spacey found himself shunned by Hollywood following sexual misconduct allegations. Where is Kevin Spacey now? Now that he’s losing jobs, what is Kevin Spacey doing now? In 2017, Anthony Rapp came out with sexual misconduct accusations against Kevin Spacey. The House of Cards actor attempted to deflect the attention by coming out as gay. The backlash was immediate and Spacey has been out of a job since. Netflix is taking a cue from director Ridley… The post Where Is...

Negotiations Continue Over Zuma: Will He Go Now or Now-Now?. The South African president, Jacob Zuma, is almost certain to step down in the near future, but it is unclear when, and anxiety and frustration among South Africans is deepening.