Black Actors ‘Reclaim Black Friday’ for Donations to ‘Progressive Black Candidates’

Truth Revolt -

Truth Revolt—Don’t even think about spending money for your family on the biggest shopping day of the year! You must give it to The Collective PAC and “Reclaim Black Friday!” That’s the message in a new video by black celebrities for Funny or Die. The aim is to “take Black Friday back” and donate money to “fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates.” Actress Meagan Good says in the video: “Instead of splurging on stuff, let’s spend our money on progress by boosting black politics.”

Why is it called Black Friday? (Oh, and some Black Friday shopping deals…). Good morning! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving…or at least annoyed your family with this NY Times piece, Most Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong. Today however, is “Black Friday”, which…wait, why do they call it that? Ben Zimmer explains that the term originated in Philadelphia’s law enforcement circles: Today is the day after Thanksgiving, when holiday shopping kicks off and sales-hunters are in full frenzy. The day has come to be known in the United States as “Black...