Kratom is hailed as a natural pain remedy, assailed as an addictive killer. The U.S. wants to treat it like heroin.

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Washington Post—Is the unregulated compound, made from a Southeast Asian tree, a way to rein in the opioid epidemic — or make it worse?

'We're treated like drug addicts': As America fights opioid addiction, the healthcare system is failing people who live with chronic pain. There are 25 million people in the US living with chronic pain. Some turn to devices or non-opioid painkillers, others to yoga or meditation. But many have found relief only from opioid painkillers. As the US opioid crisis escalates, those who suffer from chronic pain and take opioid-based painkillers are feeling pressure from new policies that limit prescriptions. "They completely forgot about the people who have to live with chronic pain every day," one patient told Business Insider. At the...