Senators demand inquiry into Trump's commerce secretary after Paradise Papers leak

the Guardian -

the Guardian—Watchdog urged to open inquiry into ‘compliance with ethics requirements’Papers show Wilbur Ross has investments in firm linked to Putin’s son-in-lawDemocratic senators have formally asked an internal watchdog at the US commerce department to investigate secretary Wilbur Ross following disclosures about his finances in the Paradise Papers. Related: Wilbur Ross denies wrongdoing after Paradise Papers leak Continue reading...

The Paradise Papers: another tax-shelter leak implicates Apple, Trump, Putin, Hollywood, Twitter, Facebook, the Queen and more. 1.4TB/13.4 million documents have leaked from Appleby, the offshore law-firm that is part of the "magic circle" of firms employed by the super-rich to manipulate their finances; the documents are supplemented with another "offshore provider"'s files, and the company registries of 19 tax havens. (more…)