A Second Woman, Then 17, Accuses Riff Raff of Sexual Misconduct

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Jezebel—After a Melbourne woman named Eliza Stafford wrote on Facebook that Houston rapper Riff Raff drugged and raped her at a 2013 show, his Australian tour was swiftly canceled. Riff Raff has yet to respond to Stafford’s allegation, and now a second woman alleges that the rapper tried to coerce her into sex when she was a… Read more...

Riff Raff Has Been Accused of Rape and Sexual Harassment. Houston rapper RiFF RAFF has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, including one accusation of rape. Last week, Eliza Stafford from Australia claimed the rapper drugged and raped her after a concert in 2013. In a Facebook post, Stafford wrote that after she went backstage during the show, she was offered a shot from a vodka bottle. She […]