Now there's a disgusting pimple popping toy, and we already miss fidget spinners

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Mashable—Watching pimple-popping videos online has been...a thing for a while. But if simply watching a pimple extraction isn't enough for you, now you can simulate the real thing with this handy-dandy pimple popping toy. Called the Pop it Pal, the full "kit" comes with a hunk of fake flesh (available in a light or dark skin tone), a bottle of fake yellow pus (made from "all natural" oils), and a filling tool – all for $19.99. Refills of "pus" are also available for purchase. Get your gross on, pimple...

This Toy Lets You Pretend To Pop Pimples. Why Is This A Thing?. Maybe I've lived a sheltered life and this sort of thing is commonplace. In hell. I know people have compulsions they can't control, but is it really a good idea to enable them with stuff like this, the "Pop It Pal", a pimple popping simulator? I suppose... if it makes money. More