Olivia Wilde at Fear Us Women documentary screening

Mail Online -

Mail Online—The 33-year-old sported a striped sweater and corduroy trousers for the night of thought-provoking cinema.

In Olivia Wilde's New Documentary, Women Are On The Front Lines Fighting ISIS. In Olivia Wilde's new documentary Fear Us Women, Canadian citizen Hanna Bohman doesn't even blink when she says ISIS fighters are afraid of dying at the hands of women since it means they won't go to heaven. "It's an insult to them," she says, "to be killed by a woman." Bohman, 48, is a former model who made headlines in recent years because she's one of the few Canadians who have joined the fight against ISIS. She's been on the front lines of the war in Syria on and off since 2015, and Fear Us...