Bruno Mars’s ‘That’s What I Like’ Wins Grammy Award For Song of the Year

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Deadline—In something of an upset, Bruno Mars’s That’s What I Like took home the Grammy for Song of the Year, beating out Despacito, which many regarded as one of the year’s soundtrack songs. Despite Record of the Year and Song of the Year being awarded for a single or for one track from an album, the Song award goes only to the composer or composters of the song and “must contain melody and lyrics and must be either a new song or a song first achieving prominence during the…

Bruno Mars Disses Grammys Show As Having ‘Too Many Ballads’ While Winning Record Of The Year. Yikes. Bruno Mars shaded the powerful ‘ballads’ sung by P!nk, Kesha and more women at the 2018 Grammy Awards, and fans are furious.