Huge billboards calling for Trump's impeachment have just gone up in Times Square

The Independent -

The Independent—A Democratic mega-donor has put up huge digital billboards calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump in Times Square.  The signs, funded by Tom Steyer, will be displayed in the heart of New York City for ten minutes out of every hour until New Year's Eve. Mr Steyer has said he will spend $20m on the billboards and television ads asking the public to sign a petition urging Congress to impeach the President.

Gigantic Impeach Trump Billboard Goes Up in Times Square, Millions Take Action. Tom Steyer is a wealthy businessman who is funding multiple campaigns to impeach popular vote loser Donald Trump. Earlier this week, Steyer’s team lit up Times Square in New York City with a message for the American people. Steyer sent out the following email to those 2.5 million petition signers explaining the billboard: If you happened to be walking around Times Square today, like countless Americans do every day, you may have noticed something: A brand new Need To Impeach digital billboard,...