Every James Bond Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

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Collider—James Bond was a big deal in my household growing up. There were only two things my stepdad loved more than Sean Connery's 007: Sergio Leone Westerns and the San Francisco 49ers. As a result I saw the early Bonds quite a lot as a kid, but kind of skipped past George Lazenby and Roger Moore and went directly to Timothy Dalton. Of course I later caught up with the ones I skipped as a kid, but it's been a nice long while since I've watched any of the Bond films so when Collider asked me to …

Every James Bond film ranked from worst to best. From "Dr. No" through "Spectre" (and Sean Connery to Daniel Craig), here's what we REALLY thought of every James Bond movie. Ranking all 26 films from worst to best.