Watch Ben Affleck (yes, Ben Affleck) predict Spotify and Netflix streaming way back in 2003

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Mashable—Turns out everyone's favorite ahistorical Bean Town boy and resident Sad Man is more than just a pretty face.  That's right, Ben Affleck, the star of such films as Gigli and Pearl Harbor, is so much more as this random (apparently) 2003 interview showing him basically predicting Spotify and Netflix streaming proves.  SEE ALSO: Ben Affleck does not button his pants, proving that not all heroes wear capes In the middle of a fast-paced rant about file-sharing, he notes that in the future everyone...

Here's genius Ben Affleck predicting the rise of Netflix and Spotify back in 2003. In 2003 the wheels had already begun to rattle off of Ben Affleck’s career (for the first time, anyway.) By mid-summer, thanks to a series of bombs and bad performances, his transition from lovable Hollywood underdog to matinee idol had ground to a near complete halt. But if Affleck couldn’t foresee his own career troubles coming, here’s something he could see: the entire goddamn future of the film, television, and music industries.