Trump: Putin Willing to Let Mueller Go to Russia and Investigate, Mueller Team 'Probably Won't Want To'

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Breitbart—During an interview broadcast on Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” President Trump stated he was “fascinated” by Vladimir Putin’s offer to let “Robert Mueller’s people go over there and bring a big investigation” of the 12 Russian officers for election hacking, but Mueller’s team “probably won’t want to.” Host Sean Hannity asked, “Did you like President Putin’s idea [that] Robert Mueller should go talk to him?” Trump answered, “I was fascinated by it. So, they have a treaty...

Analysis: Despite Russia election bombshell, the Trump-Putin show will go on. It is tough to believe that any President other than Donald Trump would hold a summit with Russia days after special counsel Robert Mueller delivered a sensational indictment that accuses the Kremlin of a deeply penetrating attack on American democracy.