Woman Shoots Man Who Tries to Steal her Car with Kids Inside

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RedState—When a carjacker attempted to steal a Dallas woman’s car from a parking lot with her two children inside, she didn’t hesitate to protect her family. Michelle Booker had gotten out of the car to go into a convenience store and, when she came out, a man was attempting to drive away with her car– and her children. She jumped into the car and told | Read More

'I Hope That Woke Him Up': Mom Speaks After Shooting Man Who Allegedly Tried to Take Her Car with Kids Inside. Not long after authorities say she shot a man who was trying to drive away in her vehicle with her two young children inside, Texas mom Michelle Booker-Hicks told local media she’s “not a killer” — “but I do believe in defending what’s mine.” “I wasn’t necessarily worried about my car,” she said in a Thursday interview with TV station KDFW. “I was more worried about my kids.” “It happened so fast,” she recalled to local station KXAS. “Not even five minutes, not even five minutes. It happened so...