CDC: Now 30 children dead in nationwide flu outbreak; Tennessee "High" flu activity


WZTV—The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said 30 children have now died in a nationwide flu outbreak.The CDC released it's new report on Friday.  Tennessee remains reported with high flu activity.The flu is now widespread in 49 states, all expect Hawaii.  In T

The Rent Is Too Damn High: Record High 30% Of U.S. Adults Now Live With A Roommate. A staggering new analysis from Zillow highlights perfectly the unintended consequences of central banking policies that drive massive asset bubbles but minimal job/wage growth.  According to the study, surging home prices and rising rents have now resulted in a record 30% of American adults, up from 21% in 2005, being forced take on roommates just to afford monthly rent payments. As rent consumes a growing share of household income in many cities, some people must relocate or find ways to...