'American Horror Story 8' is officially 'Apocalypse'

EW.com -

EW.com—Well, this “person” might not be the best parental unit. Early Friday morning, the official American Horror Story social media accounts announced that the highly anticipated eighth season — which involves the crossover between the seasons of Murder House and Coven — has a title: Apocalypse. If that reveal sends shivers down your spine, then the images released will likely haunt your dreams with a blood red baby playing with with a scary albeit well-manicured hand. pic.twitter.com/4BJy5GpVC3 —...

American Horror Story's next season to bring about the "Apocalypse". If anyone has to bring about the apocalypse, it might as well be Ryan Murphy. The sweet release of oblivion we all secretly crave every once in a while (Right? No? Just us, then?) will come in fictional form this fall: American Horror Story announced this morning from the San Diego Comic-Con—there the show has an exhibit called the “eccentricities collection,” pictured above—the title of its upcoming eighth season: