British woman reveals experience of living under Japanese occupation in WWII

Mail Online -

Mail Online—Barbara Redwood, then 23, wrote about experience under Japanese occupation while living in Hong Kong in 1941. Now, her diary is being published as she approached 100.

Millions of Americans Have Bipolar Disorder, One Woman Reveals What Living with the Illness Is Like. When Aubrey Good was 12 years old, she was a typical pre-teen, scoring good grades in school that placed her at the top of her class. But just days after turning 13, her father was arrested and later sent to prison, and for Good, the experience was traumatic. “I went from being a very straight A student and being very, very well-behaved, to starting to use drugs,” Good, 26, tells PEOPLE. “I started to abuse alcohol and prescription painkillers. I started to get into trouble at school. I was...