Les Misérables without the music – I dreamed a dream and it came true

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the Guardian—There is no place in the modern world for musicals now we have speech and emojis. Thanks to a new BBC version, starring Dominic West and David Oyelowo, I will be able to enjoy Victor Hugo’s epic story without getting a cluster migraine Television, like all other forms of traditional media, is in mortal danger. Audiences are fragmenting, advertisers are fleeing and money is running out fast. If it wants to survive, television needs one good idea. That’s it. Just one golden bullet of an idea that...

The BBC Is Making a Les Misérables Mini-series, But When Is the BBC Not Making a Les Misérables Mini-series?. Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of endlessly viable preexisting intellectual property? It is the music of the BBC adapting Les Misérables yet again, this time as a TV mini-series. Per Variety, the British network is planning a six-part adaptation based on Victor Hugo’s novel (so, no, ... More