#CoonambleRaindance is a social media hit, but will it bring on the rain? -- A group of locals in Coonamble on the central western plains of New South Wales have organised a rain dance event for next month, in the hope it will break the drought.

ABC News -

ABC News—Locals in Coonamble have organised a rain dance and it has taken off on social media.

10 new episodes of Making A Murderer will hit Netflix next month. There’s been talk of a follow-up to Netflix’s Emmy-winning Making A Murderer since the first season aired back in 2015, when the nation found themselves captivated by Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, and their involvement in the 2007 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. We’ve followed twists in the case and the pair’s attempts to secure new trials in the intervening years, and even reported on a spinoff series, Convicting a Murderer, exploring the case from the prosecution’s side.