Hope for More Rescues as Death Toll Rises in Montecito Mudslides

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Breitbart—The death toll in the mudslides in Montecito, California, rose to 17 on Wednesday, with over a dozen people still considered missing as rescue crews rushed to save those still trapped by the debris.

Montecito Man Rescues Baby Buried Underneath California Mudslides as Death Toll Rises to 17. Emergency crews continue to search for survivors after mud and debris roared through Southern California hillsides stripped of vegetation by ferocious wildfires last month. There are 17 confirmed fatalities and 17 people still reported missing, according to the most recent update from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Bill Brown also told KCAL that “at least several dozen homes that have been either destroyed or severely damaged, and likely many other ones are in areas that are...