Barnaby Joyce sexual harassment accuser says Dolly Everett's wise words led her to speak up

Mail Online -

Mail Online—Catherine Marriott revealed she decided to speak up in the wake of Amy 'Dolly' Everett's suicide in January, taking inspiration from the 14-year-old's words, 'speak even if your voice shakes'.

Barnaby Joyce sexual harassment allegation: Catherine Marriott speaks out. The rural advocate says she never wanted the allegation to become public but complaint to National party was leaked within days Rural advocate Catherine Marriott has spoken out about her allegations of sexual harassment against former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, saying she was “terrified” over what to do about the complaint. “He was a very popular Ag Minister at that time, and I didn’t … I was … I’m just a little human against a big system, and I was terrified,” Marriott told the 7.30...