Nolte: Manafort Deal Looks Like Good News for Trump, Terrible News for Democrats

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Breitbart—According to NPR, Paul Manafort's deal with Special Counsel Robert Muller's office "does not include matters involving the Trump campaign."

One of Trump's top economic advisers said the Goldman Sachs research team looks like 'the Democratic opposition' because of their critiques of Trump. Kevin Hassett, the chair of President Donald trump's Council of Economic Advisers, attacked the Goldman Sachs research team during an interview on CNN. Hassett was asked about a recent note from Goldman that estimated Trump's threatened 25% tariff on all Chinese goods could wipe out any earnings gain from the stock market next year. "I haven't read that report, but the Goldman Sachs economic team almost at times look like they are the Democratic opposition," Hassett said. Hassett pointed to...