Which NFL teams are realistic trade candidates for Le’Veon Bell?

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SBNation.com—Three teams have the space and the aspirations to add Bell — but would the Steelers bite? The Pittsburgh Steelers are open to a Le’Veon Bell trade now that the All-Pro’s contract holdout spilled into Week 3 of the regular season. But the question now isn’t necessarily who wants the dual-threat tailback, but who can afford him. After forfeiting his paycheck for the first three games of the year, Bell is due a shade under $12 million for the remainder of the season. That’s a hefty price tag, but...

Which Teams Would—Maybe, Possibly—Trade for Le’Veon Bell?. The Le’Veon Bell fiasco has reached the point where rumors are flying about the Steelers trading the running back. Even though he’s most likely to stay in Pittsburgh, which teams would enter the sweepstakes?