Bella Thorne Owns 19 Cats, and Other Facts

Jezebel -

Jezebel—You read that headline right: Bella Thorne’s #spon-spawned, violet-painted house is home to 19 cats. This is one of the several interesting facts included in a Los Angeles Times profile of the actor/singer/person on Instagram. Why does Bella Thorne have so many cats? How does she do it? What’s her secret formula? It’s something like misguided compassion plus the hyperactive feline reproductive system. Similar to violence, you see, cats beget more cats.

At 21, Bella Thorne has 4 movies out, 18 million Instagram followers, 19 cats and the will to survive. “Come upstairs with me,” Bella Thorne says. She takes off, racing up the neon-lit steps she has painted — every one a different color of the rainbow — to her bedroom, above which iridescent pink bulbs warn: “[f—] off.” She waves me in anyway, past her bed — a mattress on the floor, encased by a...