A Decade of Steven Spielberg Not Making Up His Mind

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Vulture—Weeks before Steven Spielberg releases his megabudget virtual-reality movie Ready Player One, all of Hollywood wonders just what he might do next. Could he make that that next Indiana Jones movie? Is he really going to remake West Side Story? Whatever happened to the 19th-century kidnapping drama Tony Kushner was ... More

The New Ready Player One Spot Finally Makes It Feel Like A Steven Spielberg Movie. Video. Ready Player One hasn't had the best week. The internet has beaten it from pillar to post regarding its poster parodies and just about everything else related to the pop culture-heavy film. But a new TV spot was just released that is, without a doubt, the best one yet; it actually makes the film feel less like a laundry list of references and more like those sweeping adventures director Steven Spielberg is known for. More