WATCH IT LIVE: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. on the day of his assassination


WPLG—Fifty years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, the civil rights leader’s family and admirers were marking the anniversary of his death with marches, speeches and quiet reflection Wednesday. The commemorations stretched from his hometown of Atlanta to Memphis, where he died, and points beyond. Hundreds of people bundled in hats and coats gathered early in Memphis for a march led by the same sanitation workers union whose low pay King had come to protest when he was...

Remembering the day Martin Luther King Jr. died. Xernona Clayton remembers Coretta Scott King being unable to tell her children their father was dead. Abraham L. Davis remembers the vast crowds at the funeral. And Lawrence G. Campbell remembers a memorial service that left mourners more determined to continue the struggle for civil rights.... The post Remembering the day Martin Luther King Jr. died appeared first on Raw Story.