The Right Lessons

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Washington Free Beacon—By his own telling, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper entered politics almost accidentally. He joined the Reform Party of Canada as a side project while pursuing his masters in economics; the man who would go on to be Canada's prime minister for more than nine years only stood for political office because his party simply was not fielding enough candidates. The post The Right Lessons appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

We Still Haven't Learned The Right Lessons From The 2008 Crash. Authored by Brendan Brown via The Mises Institute, Financial media-administered history lessons - whether by commentaries or interviews - on the Great Crash that occurred 10 years ago are frightening. The would-be history teachers are in total denial (or ignorance) of the key fact that 2008 was a monetary-made disaster. This climate of denial continues to foster ever greater danger in the future not to mention a heavy cumulative burden in the decade since - as measured by prosperity lost. In...