Your 'organic' fruit might have chemicals — Americans spent more than $6 million on 'organic' pineapples that weren't actually organic at all

Business Insider -

Business Insider—Henry Romero/Reuters Pineapple exports from Costa Rica are under scrutiny, as Costa Rican lawmakers reported producers sold pineapples to the US as "organic," but were allegedly grown with chemicals. American consumers paid premium prices for more than $6 million in pineapples falsely sold as organic produce. Costa Rican legislators are accusing two certifiers — one in California and the other in Germany — for approving production of Costa Rican pineapples allegedly grown with chemicals...

EPA chief Scott Pruitt has spent $4.6 MILLION on security. Scandal-plagued Scott Pruitt's agency has burned through taxpayers' cash with $2,750 on 'tactical pants and polos' for his security team as part of a massive bill for 'security'.