Headlines on 2018-2-8

  • Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife Told FBI He Could “Maybe” Be Blackmailed: NBC News

    In her first network interview, Jennifer Willoughby, ex-wife of Rob Porter, the now-former White House staff secretary for President Donald Trump, told NBC News the FBI asked her if Porter could be blackmailed. "I actually had difficulty answering that question because I believed that the people who had the power to blackmail him would be women who had been in personal relationships with him,” she told Kristen Welker. “So, in short, the answer could be ‘maybe’." During a…

  • Trudeau pitches Canada's tech jobs to San Francisco market

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brings what some call his "maple charm offensive" to San Francisco on Thursday with a dual agenda: Pitch Canada as a destination for American tech firms amid increasing unease over U.S. immigration policy and remind California of its long trade relationship with the country, despite President Donald Trump's threat to bow out of NAFTA....

  • Paul told Trump bill is 'too much money'

    Rand Paul said he was effectively blocking a vote on a spending bill ahead of a government shutdown deadline to put lawmakers on the spot over the national debt

  • New Mexico suspends football coach amid misconduct probe

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- The University of New Mexico suspended head football coach Bob Davie on Thursday for 30 days without pay, following multiple investigations that examined whether he and coaching staff interfered with criminal investigations or misconduct cases involving players....

  • Only On AP: Dwyane Wade talks his return to Miami

    Dwyane Wade did not see this coming....

  • Saira Khan claims her late father would beat her with a coat hanger

    Saira Khan has revealed another shocking detail of her youth - claiming that her father used to beat her with a wire coat hanger until she bled.

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