CNN's Toobin: Trump Pardoning Black People 'Great Theater' -- He Still Wants to 'Fight with Black People'

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Breitbart—CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacted Friday to President Donald Trump recent spree of pardons, which includes some African-Americans. Toobin called it “great theater” during his ongoing “fight with black people.” “There wasn’t this great theater, there weren’t a lot of celebrities involved, there were no celebrities, but that is how you impact a lot of lives,” Toobin said of former President Barack Obama’s method of pardoning non-violent drug offenders. He added, “This is yet another...

CNN's Toobin: 'Impeachable offense' if Trump pardons Cohen. CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin on Thursday said “there is absolutely no public interest in pardoning” President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, arguing that if the president did so, it would be “an impeachable offense.”