Jimmy Kimmel says Kanye West was Trump's 'Twitter account come to life' at White House

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EW.com—As a late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel told his audience the jokes “do not write themselves” these days in a world where “nonsense and stupidity are pouring on your head at all times.” But with Kanye West‘s luncheon with President Donald Trump at the White House, the jokes did write themselves. “It’s like Trump’s sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life,” Kimmel joked of West’s “ranting and raving” in front of press in the Oval Office. Among numerous talking points, West said he...

Kanye West's White House Rant Was Like 'Trump's Twitter Account Come to Life,' Says Jimmy Kimmel — Watch. Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday began his monologue by addressing the elephant with the red MAGA cap in the room. The late-night host weighed in on none other than Kanye West’s Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump, which took cable news by storm earlier that afternoon. “This was something special,” Kimmel said. “The much anticipated […]