Trump’s lawyer pushes insane lie about Trump’s Lester Holt interview

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@thinkprogress—During an interview on Wednesday’s edition of Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow suggested that footage of the infamous May 2017 interview with NBC’s Lester Holt in which the president essentially copped to obstruction of justice has somehow been doctored. Sekulow offered no evidence for his claim, which isn’t consistent with video of […]

Trump's war on the Lester Holt interview. Melissa Joskow / Media Matters The president and his attorneys are not subtle. Caught up in the grinding gears of the Russia investigation, they’ve apparently decided that whatever legal strategy they’ve adopted (if they have one) must be complemented by a loud, clanking, and incessant media blitz to exonerate the president in the court of public opinion. And so they go on TV -- constantly -- to proclaim Trump’s innocence and endlessly litigate the evidence that suggests otherwise. By watching...