Summer Comes In February

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New Haven Independent—About halfway through Earthkry’s set, vocalist and guitarist Aldayne Haughton posed a question to the audience at Cafe Nine: “Do you want us to stop or keep playing?” The thunderous confirmation he received nearly shook the walls of the intimate room on this Fat Tuesday — a night typically known for outlandish behavior, but here, in this bar, simply for celebrating music and life.

Here's everything coming to Netflix in February. The Weinstein Company As January winds down, Netflix has announced its crop of movie and TV titles coming to the streaming service next month. Don't expect a lot of new romantic titles for Valentine's Day. Instead, we'll be getting the entire series of "American Pie" movies and "Kill Bill." Those getting excited for the "Ocean's" spin-off can catch up on all of the previous releases.  There are also plenty of Netflix originals ranging from a "Queer Eye" reboot to an anticipated interview between...