LIVINCOOL’s Emanuele D’Angelo Takes Us Inside Coach’s ‘Life Coach’ Launch

Highsnobiety -

Highsnobiety—LIVINCOOL founder Emanuele D’Angelo popped down to NYC’s SoHo last night to document Coach‘s interactive pop-up, Life Coach. Inspired by a “vision of inclusive luxury” and New York City, the place where the brand was founded, the event was intended to reflect how Coach views the modern American Dream. Guests who attended were invited to […]

Neverwinter’s Protectors Jubilee celebrates the D&D game’s 5th anniversary. Happy 5th birthday, Neverwinter. OK, I realize the City of Neverwinter, one of the jewels of the Sword Coast in the Dungeons & Dragons‘ Forgotten Realms setting, is older than 5. Much older. But I’m talking about the online game here — and its Protectors Jubilee celebration. Now live, Protectors Jubilee brings more than just […]