The winter sun conundrum: Where is right for you?

The Telegraph -

The Telegraph—ome like it hot, some not. Most of us dream of a break from the chill and gloom we’re stuck with for the next few months, but winter sun means different things to different people. You might relish baking at 30C on a white sand beach and don’t mind flying 12 hours to get there. Others just want mild, sunny weather. Some would like an early night, some would rather dance until sunrise, whereas some would like to, but have children to think about. Our winter sun problem solver takes all this into...

Mauritius or the Maldives? The best winter sun destinations for families with young children. arents with toddlers can be reluctant to embark on long-haul winter sun trips. But here’s the spoiler: this is the best time in your parenting life to board a plane. If your child is under two, you’ll save on the tickets; there’s no school schedule to contend with, so here’s a chance to save again; and they’re in a regular napping schedule anyhow, so what’s a time zone or two? And finally, everyone - whether 2 or 22 or 42 - is scientifically proven to be more relaxed by the beach.