How To Pull Off Tube Tops When You're Plus-Size

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@refinery29—There are so many rules when it comes to fashion, which is why we really enjoy breaking them. But going against outdated style tropes isn't always as easy as just pairing blue with black or wearing crop tops when you're told you shouldn't. There are a few rule-breaking items that are just difficult to master, like tube tops. No matter your body type, tube tops will find a way to cause some trouble. From the high-risk of a nip-slip to figuring out which bra will actually provide support...

Khloe Kardashian rocks the fashion industry by creating a size 15 jeans for plus size women. This is a big deal in the fashion industry as there was never a size 15 before - only a 14 and 16. There have been complaints in recent years from women who find size 14 too small and size 16 too big.