High Tech Meets High Art at the Armory Show


WSJ—New York’s biggest contemporary art fair might look more like a sci-fi convention when it opens to VIPs on Wednesday. Dozens of artists on offer at this year’s Armory Show are exploring ways technology can transform the human body.

Art imitating life: how this year's Armory Show got political. New York’s biggest contemporary art fair saw a range of topical pieces ranging from school shootings to Harvey Weinstein Art fairs are typically a conservative affair. Buttoned-up gallerists with business cards hawk their most sellable wares. But with the political upheaval in the world, a pretty picture to hang above a couch in a condo is the last thing on many people’s minds. This year’s edition of New York’s Armory Show – like the city’s other art fairs – is fueled by politics, from a karaoke...