Tiny and T.I. Exchange Barbed Instagram Posts as Rapper Allegedly Seen on Video Slapping Another Woman's Butt

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PEOPLE.com—Despite having seven kids between them, Tiny and T.I.‘s Father’s Day wasn’t all that celebratory. After rebounding from a near-divorce last year, the pair seemed to have taken a step back over the weekend, as they each posted pointed Instagrams to their accounts — but never directly addressed one another. Hours later, video surfaced online that appeared to show T.I. slapping the backside of another woman at his show on Friday night. The rapper, 37, kicked off the dustup Friday evening by posting...

T.I. Reveals He Didn’t Spend Father’s Day With Kids: They’re Not ‘Rocking With Me’ After Butt Slap Video. T.I.'s coming clean about the 'gossip' surrounding his marriage! He says Tiny's not 'rockin' with him after a video of him slapping another woman's butt surfaced! Tip didn't even spend Father's Day with his kids!