Hiking through Spain's little-known Alpujarras, with only goatherds for company

The Telegraph -

The Telegraph—"The locals wouldn’t do this,” David Illsley told me, “walking between villages with the sun beating on your head. You do that round here only if you’re trying to find grazing for your sheep and goats. The equivalent would be people from the Alpujarras going to London and spending all their time on the Tube.”

A little known cloud security company just raised $192 million in the first big tech IPO of 2018 (ZS). Zscaler, an enterprise cloud security company, took its shares public on Friday. The company set its share price at $16, and shares shot up 75% to around $28 on the first day of trading. Zscaler is the first of the many tech IPOs expected to come in 2018. The first big tech IPO of the year is off to a good start. Zscaler, a San Jose-based cloud security company, is up more than 75% Friday in its first hours as a publicly traded company. The company, which is listed on the Nasdaq under the...