9-1-1 Season 2: Explosive Trailer Introduces New Faces, New Romance

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TVLine—“Brace for impact,” indeed. Fox on Monday released a new trailer for 9-1-1‘s earthquake-centric season premiere, and it appears that the ground isn’t the only thing being shaken up. The trailer features several emotional shots of the show’s core couples, including Hen and her wife (“The threat of Eva has not gone away,” showrunner Tim […]

Watch the intense new trailer for '9-1-1' season 2. Things are getting hot on the new season of 9-1-1. The Fox hit returns with a two-part season premiere on Sept. 23 and 24, and is clearly ratcheting up the drama. The latest trailer for season 2 has just been released, teasing both the relationships (Angela Bassett’s Athena and Peter Krause’s Bobby snuggle!) and the massive emergencies (EARTHQUAAAAAAKE!). Viewers also get a peek at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddie, the sister of Buck (Oliver Stark) who becomes a 911 operator. She sadly does not yet...