The Guardian view on children’s books: read more, more often

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the Guardian—Reading to children introduces them to a better, more spacious world. We must nourish it World Book Day coincided this year with the release of two surveys, one showing that fewer than half the parents in the UK read to their children daily, and another revealing that household spending on digital entertainment had for the first time surpassed that on the printed word. One reaction might be wonder that it took so long; these figures might seem pretty optimistic to anyone who cares about...

John Oliver Wants You to Buy His Gay Children’s Rabbit Book Instead of Mike Pence’s Decidedly Not Gay Children’s Rabbit Book. Mike Pence and his family, if you don’t know, have a pretty cute pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo. He’s so fluffy and cute that you may be inclined to snuggle it to death. Even John Oliver recognizes his cuteness, as he was ready to crown the bunny as the most ... More